What is Danish Open Business?

What is Danish Open Business 2024?

The Matsumae/Danish Open conference, also known as the Matsumae Cup, is an annual sports event organized by the Vejle Judo Club in collaboration with Judo Denmark and Tokai University. The event alternates its name every two years, switching between Danish Open and Matsumae Cup.

The history behind this business event began with a collaboration between Vejle Municipality and the Japanese Embassy in Denmark. The idea was to leverage sports as a means to attract businesses, authorities, and researchers for cross-border cooperation. The embassy aimed to foster closer collaboration between Danish and Japanese companies, authorities, and researchers, with Vejle chosen as the hub for this development.

The conference's theme is inspired by the famous Japanese scientist and humanist, Dr. Matsumae, who believed that the well-being of individuals and societies is closely interconnected. His vision for a better world is a significant part of the event, which recognizes companies that share this vision.

The conference focuses on welfare technology and the idea of sharing knowledge and collaborating on challenges in this field. Each year, a diverse range of companies, authorities, and research institutions from both Denmark and Japan participate in the event. Last year, over 45 different organizations with more than 115 registered participants took part.

This year, the conference continues with the theme of welfare and delves into welfare technology 2.0. The focus is on exploring how future welfare technology will look and how it can enhance the quality of life for individuals and societies. This event serves as a platform for exchanging ideas, collaboration, and innovation in the field of welfare technology.

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